Legal notice

Sales company

Search distribution Co., Ltd.

Manager in charge of operation

Kazutaka Higuchi


30-27 Kimachi, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture

phone number

Phone number 06-6310-3239

email address

Necessary amount other than the product price

Nationwide uniform 880 yen (tax included)
* Shipping costs 1650 yen (tax included) when sending to Hokkaido / Okinawa Prefecture
* Free shipping for customers who purchase more than 5,500 yen

Transfer fee for purchase by bank transfer.
COD is 330 yen (tax included) separately for cash on delivery fee.

Application expiration date

In principle, after confirming the order (automatic transmission mail for confirmation of ordering), it is 7 days.

Sales volume

There is no specific specification (there is a setting depending on the product)

Delivery time

Bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit card payment

Expiration date

Please unpacked and check immediately after arrival.

Please contact us by e -mail or telephone by the 7th after the product arrives.
Returns and exchanges after 8 days after the product arrived will not be accepted regardless of the reason.
If you wish to return without exchange, we cannot accept it for other reasons other than the defective product.

Returning postage

In the case of initial failure or misunderstanding, we will respond by our cash on delivery.

Return method

Please tell us the following contents when contacting you such as returned or exchanged.

  • The name of the orderer
  • Order number (Order confirmation email or ""purchase statement"" with the product enclosed.)
  • Applicable product name
  • Reasons for exchanging or returned goods

* Please be sure to check the response confirmation email from our shop after notifying the return / exchange request.
* We will not accept if there is no return for more than 7 days after contacting us.

If you cannot accept returns or exchanges

Products that have passed 8 days or more from delivery (even if you contact me, it will take more than a week to return it.)
Products used by customers
Products that have been dirty and damaged by customers
Products that are dirty by fitting, etc. or smells like tobacco
If the box, instructions, tags, seals, packages, etc. of the product are stained, damaged, lost, or destroyed
After delivery, repair, cleaning, processing, etc.
Products such as sale items, outlet products, translated goods, etc.
Ordered item
Products processed such as fixing
The package of the product itself is opened to specify the wrapping
In addition, there is a description that does not accept returns on each product posting page.
Reasons for different images
It is not possible to exchange products for handmade and natural materials that are judged to be the product characteristics of natural materials.
If you are not willing to purchase and order maliciously

About refund of the price

After confirming the return product, we will transfer to the designated account within 3 business days.
In the case of defective or different products, the full amount of the payment amount (product price, consumption tax, shipping fee, cash on delivery fee) will be refunded.
In the case of returned goods for customer's convenience, we will refund the amount that subtracts the ""shipping fee, cash on delivery fee (regular price), and transfer fee"" from the payment amount.

About exchanges and returns due to customer reasons

Please contact us if you have an unused state, tags, stickers, and packages for your convenience (mistakes in order, misunderstanding of size, misunderstanding of size, etc.).

* In this case, please pay the round -trip shipping fee and refund payment fee at the customer.
* After receiving it, we cannot accept any returned goods after you use it.

Please note that the following expenses will be charged for returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience.

  • Round -trip postage
    Other actual costs (bank transfer fees for refunds, etc.)

* If the purchase price is less than 5,500 yen (tax included) due to some product return, the shipping service will not be applied, so you will be charged the normal shipping fee.

About receipt / malicious cancellation

If you refuse to receive the ordered product by cash on delivery, or if the product returns to our store due to long -term absence, the shipping / return shipping fee, other handling fee (COD fee, packing material). Costs and administrative fees * 50 % of cash on delivery)."